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Relinquishing the Patriarchy

    Resource list put together by adrienne maree brown around relinquishing the patriarchy. for example projects that support men with toxic masculinity etc. Read More

    La Cura podcast

      Decolonizing latinx health, reclaiming traditional healing Read More

      Decolonizing the Collective Wisdom of our Bodies

        Noticing the power game of knowledge that disempowers our embodied wisdom. Read More

        Practice: Reflection on Belonging with Prentis Hemphill

          This practice with Prentis Hemphill, former Healing Justice Director of Black Lives Matter, leads you to cultivate a sense of belonging within yourself that is untouchable by external conditions. It… Read More

          Forced Intimacy: An ableist norm

            Mia Mingus is an American writer, educator, and community organizer who focuses on issues of disability justice. She is noted for introducing the concept of and coining the term "access… Read More

            Herbs against sadness

              Manual made by Ydira Lopez, en Mexico. This manual is written in spanish and is about how to use herbs for trauma, oppression and sadness. Collectively working with plant medicine… Read More

              Madness & Oppression: Paths to Personal Transformation & Collective Liberation: A Mad Maps Guide by The Icarus Project

                Manual written and complied by The Icarus project to look at different forms of oppression and mental health, taking people step by step at collectively creating their own wellness documents. Read More

                Decolonizing community care in response to COVID

                  Article and manual, tips looking at collective and community care in specific relation to the current COVID pandemic, the article is written in relation to ancestral and indigenous care practices. Read More

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