Welcome to the Radical Bodywork Resource collection. The intention is for this to be a platform for anyone to share re-sources related to bodywork in the context of anti-oppression frameworks. This re-source is for bodyworkers and holistic practitioners working in the context of social justice and for people mobilising for societal change who want to bring more somatic practices into their work. It’s also for just anyone who is interested in the content.

With this website we hope to speak to the intersections of bodywork, embodied practices and social justice; supporting bodyworkers to be more radically engaged and highlight bodywork as a practice that can be used to strengthen social justice movements. We particularly want to support and amplify the voices of people doing somatic work from the margins and build a strong network outside of the mainstream wellness-industrial-complex.

This is a collectively shaped project so please continue to send links and suggestions. We’d like to thank all the creators of the re-sources that have been submitted so far. Please support the creators/projects where you can.