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5 ways that massage therapists can become more trans affirming

    Tips for massage therapist who want to become intentionally welcoming to individuals of all genders and gender expressions. Read More

    How we talk about bodies matters

      An article about the importance of language in relation to healing practices "Every time we talk about bodies and healing, we are in relationship to histories and beliefs about what… Read More

      Generative Somatics: what is a politicised somatics?

        An essay that asks what is a politicised somatics and talks about what somatics is and is not. Read More

        On Bias and Neutrality in Contact Improvisation

          This piece by Nicole Bindler for Contact Quarterly makes a case for a more politicized contact improvisation community, specifically around the issue of Palestine/Israel. Read More

          Palestinian Dance and the Obfuscation of Somatic Source Material

            In this blog post for the Somatics Toolkit, Nicole Bindler discusses three topics derived from her lecture "Embodied Palestine Solidarity" that refer to ways that dance practices in the region… Read More

            (Critical) Clitoral Embodiment

              Sarah Mann-O'Donnell reflects in her blog on her experience participating in a Clitoral Embodiment workshop with Nicole Bindler, " experience of her clitoral embodiment work was quite simply that of… Read More

              Living in this queer body

                This podcast is for all of us queerly bodied people. Sometimes it feels like there is a constricting demand on our bodies, that we must look or feel or experience… Read More

                Sick Woman Theory

                  An article discussing protest if you are chronically ill or unable to be in the streets for other reasons. Read More

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