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5 ways that massage therapists can become more trans affirming

    Tips for massage therapist who want to become intentionally welcoming to individuals of all genders and gender expressions. Read More

    A Non-Binary Guide to Embodying One’s Embryonic Gonads

      This audio recording for the Somatics Toolkit shares a practice created by Nicole Bindler that explores the development of the gonads, which are embryonic, unsexed ovaries, testis, or nonbinary variations.… Read More

      (Critical) Clitoral Embodiment

        Sarah Mann-O'Donnell reflects in her blog on her experience participating in a Clitoral Embodiment workshop with Nicole Bindler, " experience of her clitoral embodiment work was quite simply that of… Read More

        Living in this queer body

          This podcast is for all of us queerly bodied people. Sometimes it feels like there is a constricting demand on our bodies, that we must look or feel or experience… Read More

          Queer and Transgender ASL Interpreters of Color Directory

            This is an online form, to be part of a growing resource that is an online directory of queer and trans ASL interprtors of colour across the USA. You can… Read More

            A guide to being an ally to Trasngender and Non Binary Youth

              This is a Guide to Being an Ally to Transgender and Non-binary Youth, it is an introductory educational resource that covers a wide range of topics and best practices on… Read More

              She, He or they? How to recognize myself in language if I am gender fluid?(¿Ella, Él o Elle? ¿Cómo reconocerme en el lenguaje si soy de género fluido?)

                This article is written in Spanish. The artcile is by Black, Trans artist "LoMaasBello" from Buenaventura, Colombia talking about what inclusive language means to people of fluid gender. Read More

                Build a fortress: Testimony of a black, trans, non binary acticivist. (Construir una fortaleza: testimonio de una activista negra, trans, no binaria.)

                  This interview is written in spanish, the article is about Louis Yupanqui, who had to face various situations of racism in their country. As they became an Afro activist, they… Read More

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