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Screenshot_2020-07-09 Somatic Transformation – Strozzi Somatics

    Staci Hains of Strozzi Somatics and generative somatics talking about what Somatic practice means, and how we can transform our embodied ‘shape’ through somatic awareness, opening and practice within sites… Read More

    Screenshot_2020-07-09 About Authentic Movement Authentic Movement Community

      A description of the practice of authentic movement which is a simple form of self-directed movement. Mary Starks Whitehouse, founder of AM said, “Movement, to be experienced, has to be… Read More

      Screenshot_2020-07-09 Feldenkrais Access

        Lots of tutorial videos about the Feldenkrais Method in terms of movement and the nervous system. Read More

        Screenshot_2020-07-09 BonnieBainbridgeCohen

          A tonne of videos looking at anatomy, movement, the body systems and breath from a Body Mind Centering (developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen) perspective. Read More


            Video explaining some of the principles of Somatic Experiencing Read More

            Screenshot_2020-07-08 Shaking for Stress Relief — No Limit Generation

              Shaking is a practice in which the child just bounces up and down, and shakes! That's important because they have been, in a sense, locked into a state of trauma… Read More

              Screenshot_2020-07-08 The key to healing whiteness is understanding cultural somatic context(1)

                Article about the somatic impact of whiteness, particularly as a disconnection from the lower abdomen, includes practice video for breathing into the Hara (centre in the lower abdominal area). Read More

                Screenshot_2020-07-08 Acupuncture Points Database – Locations, Functions and Clinical Usage

                  Great reference resource about all the Meridians and Acupuncture points, and their therapeutic usage. Read More

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