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Screenshot_2020-07-08 The key to healing whiteness is understanding cultural somatic context(1)

    Article about the somatic impact of whiteness, particularly as a disconnection from the lower abdomen, includes practice video for breathing into the Hara (centre in the lower abdominal area). Read More

    Screenshot_2020-07-08 Bioenergetic stress relief – Shaking and Grounding

      Body-centered ways to get grounded and empowered when there's a lot of emotional stress in your life. This video shows the bioenergetic shaking technique, an easy way to rejuvenate and… Read More

      Screenshot_2020-07-08 Grounding Meditation Ifetayo White, Insight Timer

        This meditation is for the purpose of expanding body awareness and deepening relaxation through focused breathing. Read More

        Why ‘Take a Deep Breath’ Can Be Terrible Advice

          Trauma-informed article about why starting with the breath isn’t always appropriate, and suggestions for other ways to access grounding in the body and work towards diaphragmatic release and deeper breathing. Read More

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