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    "I wonder if the impulses that lead us to transform our world emerge from a profound sense of disconnection, one rooted in millennia of accumulated trauma." Read More

    Screenshot_2020-07-20 Activist Trauma Support home

      Activist Trauma Support- leaflets on Trauma and Burnout Read More

      Screenshot_2020-07-20 self-care-for-trauma-grief-and-depression-blm pdf

        Some self-care tips written for and with Black Lives Matter on dealing with trauma, grief and depression Read More

        Screenshot_2020-07-20 LM Ethics_Survivors of Abuse doc – ethics-survivors of abuse pdf(1)

          A series of five articles about massage and body-work with survivors of abuse. Read More

          Screenshot_2020-07-20 From Overwhelm to Agency

            A scholarly article on the impacts of sctivist burnout and the somatic work that can help to heal, sustain and empower. Read More

            Screenshot_2020-07-20 Meg-John Barker, United Kingdom – Gravatar Profile

              As part of my deep dive into trauma I wanted to write a post about the way trauma works in the body and brain, and the implications of this when… Read More

              Screenshot_2020-07-20 RESMAA MENAKEM

                "Moving from race to culture is important, transformative, and takes work. A lot of work. I help people, communities, and organizations find strength in healing that is holistic and resilient.… Read More

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