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Screenshot_2020-07-20 Trans competency for Holistic Therapists

    This course is designed for bodyworkers and holistic therapists, herbalists, yoga teachers and anyone else involved in complementary healthcare, to become more aware of the issues trans folk face and… Read More

    Screenshot_2020-07-20 Binders and Upper Back Pain

      Goes over some of the physical problems that binding can cause and offers some self-stretching techniques to help Read More

      Screenshot_2020-07-20 No Labels on the Table

        Some reflections by a massage therapist on working with trans people, including respectful practice, terminology and some physical issues that trans people might face. Read More

        Screenshot_2020-07-20 Supporting Transgender Clients Part 1

          Basic introduction to transgender issues and terminology for Massage Therapists Read More


            Useful thoughts and suggestions from a non-binary person on making spaces more welcoming to trans and gender non-conforming people. This text is directed toward ‘medical professionals’ but useful to any… Read More


              5 Ways that Massage Therapists can become more Trans Affirming - with links to other resources Read More

              Screenshot_2020-07-20 Spirit Medicine (A BGD Podcast) Healing With Our Ancestors (Ep 1)

                "Spirit Medicine with CarmenLeah Ascencio and ChE, is a BGD podcast that focuses on providing accessible conversations, tools and rituals that support the healing, wellness and liberation of people of… Read More


                  This week, we are savoring in the delight of slowing down and wading into the generative waters of free-flowing eros, healing, pleasure, and embodiment. In a culture of severance and… Read More

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