This audio recording for the Somatics Toolkit shares a practice created by Nicole Bindler that explores the development of the gonads, which are embryonic, unsexed ovaries, testis, or nonbinary variations. Through sensing or imagining our undifferentiated embryonic origins, and potential variations in our adult bodies, we can explore an underlying biological explanation for sex and gender fluidity, broaden and complexify our understanding of human sex and gender expression, and repattern any fixed, binary notions of sex and gender that we hold in our bodies or minds.

Sarah Mann-O’donnell reflects in her blog on her experience participating in a Clitoral Embodiment workshop with Nicole Bindler, “…my experience of her clitoral embodiment work was quite simply that of a gentle revolution. I use this term to try to capture the nexus of affirmation, challenge, respect, attention to social justice, and qualitative change through innovation that she offers.

This is a Guide to Being an Ally to Transgender and Non-binary Youth, it is an introductory educational resource that covers a wide range of topics and best practices on how to support transgender and non-binary people.

This interview is written in spanish, the article is about Louis Yupanqui, who had to face various situations of racism in their country. As they became an Afro activist, they began to question themself about their sexuality and their body. Here they write about the process of discovering and affirming their identity.

A basic, brief guide through the alphabet looking at terms for gender and sexuality.

Gender glossary: a guide to understanding sexuality and gender terminology.

Video discussions made by the collective SINS INVALID , a series of videos called CRIP BITS. This particular video focuses on ideas of queering the crip body, looking at gender, sexuality, and disability.

Practices of Radical Health Care contains twelve interviews with protagonists of the health movement, touching on issues as feminist and Radical therapy, vaginal self-examination, alternative forms of organisation in health care such as a pharmacists collective, the HeileHaus (healing house) and self-organized health centers. The interviews are accompanied by archival materials and collages by Feminist Health Care Research Group. Based in West Germany and particular Berlin. You have to pay to download it.

This is a short article written by someone in the queer community, discussing the representation in porn and erotica, sparking public discussions about sex and sexuality for those of all abilities.

This is an article written in spanish, about self care practices and sexuality in times of social isolation. Looking at masturbation and other self care and self pleasure exercises.