A Scotland-wide collective of herbalists and health activists working towards a society and healthcare system based on principles of fairness, justice and environmental responsibility.

This website houses information about what radical herbalism is, an archive about the gatherings, and information about the growing network of radical herbalism that spans the UK (and beyond), including information about learning about herbal medicine, growing medicine, herbal websites & blogs, community health projects and more.

Herbalists without Borders UK is currently an umbrella resource for autonomous groups in the UK and Ireland who are connected by the desire to promote and deliver herbal medicine to individuals and in communities where there is little recourse.

This is a site devoted to helping people to get to know the vast diversity of plants that can improve mood and wellbeing.

Herbs can be powerful allies in helping us to feel better. Learn how to navigate this site and how to get started working with herbs in your own life.

The vision of the Solidarity Apothecary is to build a world of stateless, revolutionary and resilient communities nourished by plant medicines embedded in collective health autonomy. The Solidarity Apothecary seeks to strengthen people and communities on the frontline of fighting oppression, state and capitalist violence and the coming years of climate chaos. I believe that plant medicines can play a role both in survival and self-defence and in building relationships and resilience from our bodies to our ecosystems.

Manual made by Ydira Lopez, en Mexico. This manual is written in spanish and is about how to use herbs for trauma, oppression and sadness. Collectively working with plant medicine as a tool for collective healing in the body.