Mia Mingus’ 2011 essay coining and describing the term access intimacy “Access intimacy is that elusive, hard to describe feeling when someone else “gets” your access needs.”

Mia Mingus is an American writer, educator, and community organizer who focuses on issues of disability justice. She is noted for introducing the concept of and coining the term “access intimacy” and “forced intimacy” and urges disability studies and activism to centralize the experiences of marginalized people within disability organizing. This is an article written by Mia Mingus.

A journey through bodywork and touch written by a Queer massage therapist about the expereince of going on a touch journey with client who is a trans man; together they wanted to share the writing with a wider audience

Article by Sage Hayes on working with trauma as a massage therapist.

TRANSLATION as a method and practice for working with INCLUSIVE and PHYSICALLY INTEGRATED DANCE. The exercises and resources shared here are taken from many different places and peoples, histories and bodies.

Great pdf of zine all about consent in relation to intimacy, sex, accountability.

pdf of useful general ideas around consent, accountability etc, lots of which is relevant to bodywork practice.

Useful article about actively checking in and working with boundaries, and honouring resistance, and fostering consent based care working with and as part of healing trauma.

Useful podcast conversation discussing some research done about gaining good, clear, informed consent, about negotiations of consent, and client autonomy in sessions, when practitioners work with multiple therapies. It discusses ethics, and different approaches and contexts to consent.

Useful article about clear communication and informed consent in massage practice contexts.